Time Out…

May we NEVER be allowed to forget the loss of life and innocence that occured 10 years ago.

May agenda’s NEVER be allowed to taint the history of that day.

May we always REMEMBER the 2,996 lives that ended so unthinkably and abruptly.

May PEACE reign in the lives of all of us who felt the loss of that day most personally.


Meatless Monday; Cheesy Poppers ‘n Sweet Potato Crunch!

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Happy Monday! 🙂 I do hope you has a fantastic weekend. I spent mine creating in the kitchen. One of the wonderful indulgences of my past [S.A.D.] dietary life was to get some jalapeno poppers, deep-fry them for that extra … Continue reading


New Contest posted at Beyond Willpower

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I have just discovered a new blog and I have to say that I feel a real kindred spirit with the author of Beyond Willpower. Her and I have both started our blogs for the same reason and I really … Continue reading


A Day In A Diet; Including More Fat = Weight Loss? Yes!

For the past 6 weeks I have been stuck in a range of right around 150 lbs. I was starting to get impatient with myself about it and for the first time since I began this journey, I decided to … Continue reading


A Day In A Diet; Acing the Exam!

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Fourteen months ago I began my journey to better health and a lesser me. At that time I had just turned 44 years old, weighed 223 pounds, and faced a number of all too common ailments including high cholesterol, high … Continue reading


A Day In A Diet; Travel Victory!

Update time…. hello all. I’ve been traveling again. Lately it seems I’m away from home more than I’m here and it’s not over. In June I will be in Georgia for the birth of my newest grandchild and in July … Continue reading


An Evangelical’s Response to Veganism

Warning* long post I very seldom step on a religious soapbox but am certainly able to when called upon. Before I step up to this one, you should know a little about the “preacher”…. Just to know the perspective that … Continue reading