This is the fun part… I love finding, creating, and sharing recipes! While I don’t state it in each recipe, you can always assume I’m using organic ingredients. When a recipe calls for nuts, I will specify whether or not they need to be soaked in advance but you can again assume I’m talking about raw, unblanched, organic varieties. When reading the ingredients of a recipe, a capital “T” will mean tablespoon and a small “t” will mean teaspoon. The letter “c” indicates the measurement is in cups and when quantity is by weight, ounces will be indicated with “oz” and pounds will be indicated with “lbs”.

While many of the recipes I post will be my own creation, I will sometimes post a recipe I find that isn’t my own. In these instances… credit will be given to the originator. To find all of my blogs about recipes, click on the recipe category and it will pull every recipe I’ve posted.


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