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Meatless Monday; Hot-N-Sour Cabbage Soup!

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I’m sooo excited about this post! The idea of “Meatless Monday’s” is by no means an original idea of mine. On the contrary, I’ve been inspired by several fantastic blogs that utilize the concept and last Thursday, I did a … Continue reading


Friday’s Food Focus; Kale (Borecole)

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Although it may not resemble it, Kale (Borecole) is actually part of the cabbage family. There are several cultivars of Kale, the most common being the curly variety. It can be found either green or purple. It’s more correctly known … Continue reading


Ode to the Everyday Salad!

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We love our exotic recipes. Our desserts…. our unique sauces and dips…. and especially our main courses (think Spicy Mushroom Pepper Italiano). The adventure of trying something new, something bold, something…. well, something exotic, is very inviting to those of … Continue reading