A Day In A Diet; Travel Victory!

Update time…. hello all. I’ve been traveling again. Lately it seems I’m away from home more than I’m here and it’s not over. In June I will be in Georgia for the birth of my newest grandchild and in July I will be gone for two weeks to visit my daughter and my father in Florida. In August it looks like I may be taking another trip to Texas. I’m exhausted just thinking about it! Anyway, as to my past several weeks…. first I went to San Antonio for a wedding and more recently I’ve just returned from Florida where my dietary resolve met it’s greatest challenge… my Dad.

My Dad is a wonderful person who loves me dearly and I love him right back. The highlight of his life is when we get together and he is able to spoil us rotten taking us to Disney or Universal and all the exclusive dining that goes with it. On top of that, my Dad delights in feeding us…. and feeding us…. and FEEDING US!!! until we just can’t eat anymore. He is a huge meat eater and I still remember the nearly two pound steaks he would order for himself, my husband, and my sons when he knew we were coming to visit.

Daddy grew up on a self-sustaining farm. They grew or raised everything they needed. I can still remember my grandmother sewing clothes for us. In addition to that, she sewed for others to help bring in money. They raised there own chickens, cows, pigs, fruits, and vegetables. They made their own cheese and butter. Daddy and my grandpa both hunted and I remember more than one occasion when grandpa brought home rabbit that ended up being a stew for dinner. Daddy grew up with a strong respect for work, and for God’s world. I love that about him. Anyway, I digress…

I faced two dietary challenges during this trip and I’m thrilled to report I have been victorious in both of them! First and foremost, I didn’t gain weight. Everyone reacts to stress and whether it’s a vacation (such as our cruise in Dec) or a family event (wedding in San Antonio), my body still thinks it is time to pack on the pounds! At least that has been the case for all of my past travels and even just when company comes to visit. Change in my routine stresses my body and I tend to gain weight. THIS TIME I DIDN’T! So shout out a hooray! The second victory is that I didn’t give in to my Dad’s poking and prodding to blow my diet on donuts and Bison burgers!!? Poor Daddy…. I knew it would be hard for him to really understand that I just don’t eat meat anymore. He kept trying to convince me how healthy Bison burgers are. He didn’t use that rational with the donuts though. He takes so much pleasure in feeding us that I think he just didn’t know what to do with me. He worked hard to find a restaurant that he felt was suitable in it’s variety of salad items and it was very enjoyable. What he doesn’t really realize is that my enjoyment comes from just being with him, not from what is being served. I’m just as happy ordering some steamed broccoli and a salad as he is with his steak and potato smothered in real butter. I know that the next time I go to visit he will forget and still try to convince me that I should enjoy some ice cream and potato chips. He will still try to tell me why the beef from Omaha Steak Company is truly healthy. In the end though, he will respect my new diet and our future visits will evolve to enjoying each other more. What we eat will always be a big deal to Daddy, but it will evolve. This visit is just one little battle in a war for a lifestyle I’m living that ripples out to those in my life. I don’t have to go to war. I can just keep focusing on one battle at a time. I know my Daddy loves me and I love him. He will respect my choices even if he’s a little bit at a loss because of them.

Cheers…. 😉


One response to “A Day In A Diet; Travel Victory!

  1. I found your website on a wordpress forum (I just crashed my server and my blog won’t be up and running again until tomorrow evening 😦 ….your solution actually was what I needed..)

    Out of curiosity I followed your link and Wow! Your blog is EXACTLY what I REALLY needed. My health has been so-so and I’ve been wondering about my current diet. I’ve been so tempted to take the plunge into raw food but just didn’t know where to start. Your blog inspired me to take action…thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Wishing you continued success always, Susanne

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