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A Day In A Diet; Travel Victory!

Update time…. hello all. I’ve been traveling again. Lately it seems I’m away from home more than I’m here and it’s not over. In June I will be in Georgia for the birth of my newest grandchild and in July … Continue reading


Meatless Monday; Hot-N-Sour Cabbage Soup!

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I’m sooo excited about this post! The idea of “Meatless Monday’s” is by no means an original idea of mine. On the contrary, I’ve been inspired by several fantastic blogs that utilize the concept and last Thursday, I did a … Continue reading


JLF Seven Day Menu (85% raw)

For Krista, Lisa, Teri, Gen, Amy, and my beloved daughter, Nazarea. This is an example of what an 85% raw food diet looks like. I need to point out that I am currently on a 100% raw VEGAN diet but … Continue reading


Spicy Mushroom Pepper Italiano

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Spicy Mushroom Pepper Italiano This is one of my absolute favorite raw food recipes because it is so moist and meaty you won’t believe it isn’t cooked. It is a fantastic comfort food that will leave you wanting more.  This … Continue reading