A Day in a Diet; “That’s NOT Popcorn!”

The other day I was wandering through the produce section looking for just a few things and enjoying talking to my daughter on the phone. Since she lives half way across the country, we do this a lot. She just happened to be shopping also and naturally the conversation led to what we were buying and what we planned to do with it. My daughter said she was making her Shepherd’s Pie for dinner (fantastic, I might add) and I replied with the usual delight that a past favorite always inspires. I pledged to create a vegan alternative for it (which I have yet to do) and she laughed and said it wouldn’t be the same.

Well… she’s right. It won’t be the same. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be just as good…. or even better! Trying to save face in this battle of the culinary arts, I spied some cauliflower. Knowing it’s one of my daughter’s favorite veggies (she doesn’t have many), I promptly used it as an example. I reminded her that I could make an excellent alternative to popcorn that was raw, vegan, and deliciously buttery and healthy. Right away this elicited peels of laughter as she responded “That’s NOT popcorn! I don’t care what you call it, Mother, it’s NOT popcorn.” I could do nothing but concede to join her in laughing. She’s right of course.

Now I know I’m not the only one out there who takes this kind of ribbing on a near daily basis. Even my almost vegetarian daughter-in-law thinks I’m a bit out there. The truth is we bring a lot of it on ourselves. We create a recipe to replicate bacon out of eggplant strips and then call it bacon. My carnivorous family cannot help but double over at the idea. Or we make “meatballs” out of nuts… can somebody say ‘Where’s the beef?’.

Such are the days of my life now. Do I mind? No. Not a bit. I’m happy with my choices. I’m happy with how I’m feeling physically and I enjoy my “bacon” and my “meatballs”. A very big part of me also enjoys all the kidding I get for this. It’s my family’s way of saying they love me. They are proud of me even if they aren’t at all interested in joining me. I can laugh at myself knowing that I’m doing what I believe is right for me and knowing that in some way I’m leaving an impression with my family. I don’t have an overwhelming need to try and change them and we can respect each other’s choices. Is there stress because I eat different. Sometimes… yes. Logistically, it’s difficult at times to make two meals. Or in a social setting when my friend is trying to find a place for us to eat and suggests a restaurant because it has “all kinds of funny looking food there” so it must be right up my alley. Vegans, Vegetarians, Raw Foodists, Gluten-Free dieters… we are a different breed. It’s okay. I am thrilled to be different. Celebrate who you are and the choices you make… and have some “popcorn”.

Cheers…. šŸ˜‰


8 responses to “A Day in a Diet; “That’s NOT Popcorn!”

  1. What is this popcorn alternative? It looks great– popcorn is one of my ‘full-feed bag’ guilty pleasures!
    As for when people laugh about not consuming swine, unfortunately for bacon eaters time will tell who is making the better choice. Same goes for ground beef, all processed meats… the list goes on– they are dangerous to your health.

    • The “popcorn” is simply raw cauliflower, cut and washed, with cold-pressed olive oil, fine ground celtic sea salt, and turmeric. I wish I could take credit for it but I can’t. I found it on a you-tube video online but I can’t seem to find the link now. There are links to it from the Renegade Health site but that wasn’t where I found it so what they have may be a little different. Anyway… awesome, simple, healthy! šŸ˜‰

  2. hah! nice. And for the record–I like lots of veggies. So neener šŸ™‚

  3. I am about 2 years into high raw and loving it. I am going to try your meatball recipe in the near future. I like the mix of ingredients in the recipe.
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Great blog! Actually, I shake a generous amount of nutritional yeast on my “raw popcorn” and it gives it a great cheesy/popcorn flavor.

    Keep up the good work and healthy eating it is a wonderful adventure and journey!

  5. gorawonabudget

    I had to do a double take on that un popcorn pic, at a glance it DOES look like popcorn. Great idea!

    Mrs. G.

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